In our early childhood music education courses we sing, dance and play simple instruments such as resonator bells, small and big drums, rhythm sticks and eggshakers. We dance with scarfs, use balls as musical instruments and use colourful parachutes for creative movement games.

This is how much fun we are having in our courses!

What parents say about us:

"Your courses have made a lasting contribution to Maximilian being a total music lover. The English language has become so natural for him. Thank you very much!"
- Nicole, mother of Maximilian

"It is a lot of fun and very sweet to see how Sophie points at the CD player at home and jumps up and down in anticipation until we put on your CD. We are really looking forward to the next semester and can't wait…"
- Erika, mother of Sophie

"We love the class and are very grateful that you have set-up such a marvelous program for kids in Berlin." - Robert, father of Jacob

"I have to compliment you on your CDs – even the parents love them. It is truly a beautiful program." - Katrin, mother of Victoria

"We love the songs – from the first to the last! Each song is like an earworm for us."
- Annika, mother of Coco

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